Rami Burbar (Consultant)

Rami Burbar is a discovery and trial consultant with Piganelli & Associates, Inc. Mr. Burbar has been consulting in the litigation support profession since 2006 and has worked with clients in areas such as trial consulting, trial presentation, demonstrative graphics, animation, courtroom technology and eDiscovery. Rami is an experienced graphic designer, trial presentation consultant, eDiscovery expert, and video and audio specialist. He has worked cases all over the country in both civil and criminal venues, most recently on the BP Oil spill case in New Orleans on behalf of defendant Trans Ocean.

Rami has designed and created demonstratives and trial graphics in over 40 cases since 2006 and is knowledgeable with the use of these graphics in trial. He is well versed in areas such as multimedia applications, audio and video editing, and visual advocacy. In addition to his trial consulting and multi-media duties, Rami is well versed in discovery, data collection, hosted repositories, case management, initial review and production services for P&A’s clients. He oversees the company’s production and processing of evidentiary data including eDiscovery, coding, imaging, digital video and multi-media applications for P&A’s distinguished clients.

With this experience, Rami has developed an astute sense of the legal process, the Federal Rules of Evidence and Trial Advocacy, as well as best practices in managing documents and presenting evidence in trial. In addition, he has developed expertise in numerous trial presentation and case management software including, TrialDirector, Sanction, Summation iBlaze and LexisNexis LAW.

Rami graduated in 2008 from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, with focus on business and communications.

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