PIGANELLI & ASSOCIATES is a unique consulting firm offering a spectrum of solutions to its clients based on years of real-world experience by a group of proven veteran consultants. P&A’s consultants have worked hundreds of litigation projects and supported trial teams with thousands of hours in courtrooms and war rooms across the country.

Experience and expertise. Our consultants possess these rare qualities, confidently supporting litigation from complaint through trial. We have worked hard to build our proficiency in all aspects of litigation. P&A’s expert consultants have the background which allows you the luxury of working with the same consultant from the beginning of the case through trial. You will work with professionals whose résumés are unparalleled in the nation. Piganelli & Associates is a strategic litigation consulting firm like no other.



Diane L. James - President

Diane L. James, is president of and a consultant with Piganelli & Associates, Inc. Through P & A, she provides comprehensive consulting services in areas of complex litigation evidence management, computerized litigation support, e-discovery, strategic trial consulting and training.

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Tim Piganelli - CEO

Tim Piganelli has long been recognized as one of the country’s leading, top trial and discovery consultants in the areas of trial strategies, jury consulting, trial presentation, courtroom technology, graphics and animation, eDiscovery, and litigation support.  Tim also specializes in incredible software trainings.

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