William R. Warne - DOWNEYBRAND.com

“I have tried several high profile cases with Diane and every time she is top notch, reliable and efficient. Her expertise with technology, graphics and strategy makes my job of trying cases much easier. She is definitely a must have on my trial team.”

Paul Roshka - Polsinelli.com

“PIGANELLI & ASSOCIATES assisted my staff, our experts and our co-counsel in a very large SEC case involving over 1 million documents, 16 million pages, a TeraByte of data, with over 400 giga bytes of eDiscovery. Their expertise was invaluable in migrating over 1 Terabyte to a suitable web based repository. Their team was very responsive and helpful throughout a very difficult time”

“Tim Piganelli not only assisted me with the strategy of my case, he understood the case so well that we hired him to play the adverse attorney in a mock trial we conducted. His talents go far beyond the creating and designing litigation graphics and assisting with trial presentation. From analyzing case issues to development visual themes for your opening statement, Tim is a must have for your case.”

Matthew J. Sullivan - DuBois, Bryant & Campbell

“Rami demonstrated tremendous skill and efficiency in all aspects of Piganelli’s services. He handled everything like a star—arbitration room technology set-up, editing videos, evidence presentation electronically during live testimony, and night-time preparation for the next day’s testimony with our trial team. Many of our requests were last minute and high-pressure. His personality was a great fit for our over-worked, but enthusiastic, team. I trust he enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed his. Rami was a team player in every sense of the word and he is a terrific representative of Piganelli & Associates..”


“They do more than just technician work. Tim analyzed the case issues and integrated those into an illustrative and effective graphic presentation.”

“Diane is the one consultant that we trust on any litigation support issue. From Trial Presentation to assisting with case management, we always confide in Diane. When it comes to trial consulting she is our source for assistance and advice.”

Dennis Wilenchik - WILENCHIK & BARTNESS

“When it comes to trial presentation and demonstrative evidence, Tim Piganelli of Piganelli & Associates is who I go to. He has worked with me on several trials involving Local County and state government issues in both the Civil and Criminal venues. He is a pleasure to work with and is very knowledgeable in the trial process.”

Michael Arkfeld, Esq. - ARKFELD.com

“Tim Piganelli has been consulting to attorneys since 1993 when I first met him. He has a national reputation as a leader in trial presentation and is one of the pioneers in this field”

Brian B. O' Neill (Retired)- FAEGRE BAKER DANIELS

“…the best in the country at producing and displaying trial evidence. I have used them in three large trials in the last three years, and I am still amazed at how good they are.”

Professor Fred Galves - ProfessorFredGalves.com

“From 2002, until I retired in 2015, I have been co-teaching a course I created with Tim Piganelli entitled “Computer-Assisted Litigation.” Tim has been an excellent teacher to the law students, not only in sharing his top-flight expertise in legal software, but also in sharing his extensive knowledge and experience in trial work, strategic use of litigation technology, and real world application of the Federal Rules of Evidence and Civil Procedure.”

“I have been a law school professor teaching Civil Procedure and Evidence for the last 20 years and was a litigator in a large firm before that. I can tell you that he is the most knowledgeable trial consultant in the country.”

Joyce Goodwin - Polsinelli.com

“From Discovery issues to Trial Consulting, P&A is who we count on for consulting assistance. Their demonstrative graphics assist us with all of our mediations and arbitrations as well as their expert knowledge of eDiscovery and Case management. They are who we count on for all of our litigation support needs.”