When collecting your client’s data, it is important that careful steps be taken to ensure that the electronic data (e-mails or files) are not corrupted or spoiled in the collection process  and the data collection are defensible.  To ensure that the data is not changed or disturbed, a forensically sound image should be done.  P&A provides expert computer forensic services to law firms and businesses nationwide.

These services include the collection and acquisition of digital data from a variety of sources, (e.g. server, laptop, tablet, desktop, cell phone) in a defensible and forensically sound manner. Data collection can be done from a targeted (specific folders), logical (entire hard drive contents) or Physical (entire hard drive including un-used disk space).

We work with our clients from case inception, through discovery and on to trial providing them the best advice when dealing with Electronically Store Information (ESI). We provide consultation and advice or the optimal method for collecting client’s data for review and production and advice on dealing with adversaries electronic data. Once data is collected P&A can filter and cull down relevant digital data and evidence that is provided in an easy to read and understandable report.

We also provide experts reports as well as expert testimony for deposition or trial if necessary.

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