Tim Piganelli has been in the litigation profession since 1988, working with clients all over the world.  He has been involved in many high profile trials and has worked thousands of cases across the country. This experience, in addition to working closely with legal professionals has allowed Tim to corral his knowledge and incorporate it into his seminars, trainings, and consulting materials, thus giving audiences a practical, “real – world” education and not just a review of a training manual.

Tim teaches classes on both the software and hardware in all areas of litigation support from case management, eDiscovery, trial presentation, courtroom technology and demonstrative graphics.  He has designed and implemented thousands of training curriculums for audiences from all walks of the legal profession.  Mr Piganelli has taught and consulted to clients all across the US, in Canada and England, as well as teaching hundreds of CLE seminars to attorneys, judges, paralegals and litigation support professionals.

rami_burbarRami Burbar is certified by ipro, Catalyst, and as a forensic examiner, and drawing on his years of experience in trial presentation systems teaches not only “point & click” mechanics, but combines that with practical work flow and data management techniques.

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