Access Data - Summation Pro

Our Summation Pro training classes can be customized to fit any client’s needs from a 4-day in person workshop to an individual session over the web. We offer classes that cover the 3 main Summation Pro topics; Administration, Case Management and Reviewer. In addition, we can drill down more specifically in each of the main 3 areas covering topics such as Advanced Processing, Productions, Advanced Review, Search and Analysis. We also cover the work flow management of using Summation Pro as well as discuss the interaction with other software programs such as Access Data’s Forensic Tool Kit (FTK), other forensic tools and most litigation support software.

We start with an initial, free-of-charge consultation to evaluate your needs by reviewing areas specific to your firm such as; type and areas of law your firm practices, plaintiff or defendant, local laws, current and future work flow, personnel and staffing concerns and existing and necessary technology.

P&A can also prepare you for the certification exams Access Data offers thereby paving the way to becoming certified in each of the 3 areas, Summation Specialist Program, Summation Certified Administrator (SCA), Summation Certified Case Manager (SCCM) and Summation Certified Enduser (SCE) helping pave the way for your certification.

  • Basic User and Review
  • Managing and Administrating Cases
  • Process Workflow and Project Management
  • Advanced Review, Searching and Filtering