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rsz_map-us-statesWelcome to a modern innovative approach to discovery and trial consulting with a firm comprised of some of the most experienced and nationally recognized professionals in the country.

Drawing from over two decades of experience, Piganelli & Associates consultants become supporting members of your team, bringing their expertise to provide you with valuable insights and creativity to your case.

Since 1993, our team has performed all aspects of litigation consulting.

We are pioneers, leaders and educators in the areas of forensic analyses, eDiscovery, evidence management, trial consulting and innovative and compelling graphics & animation.

We work in all venues in the United States and are accessible to you wherever your trial or litigation takes you.  We have a proven track record of combining our creativity, experience and knowledge to ensure that our clients succeed.

Our Services

Whether you want to tap the jury’s emotions, make an expert’s examination crystal clear, or begin your case with a compelling opening statement, visual aids will always assist.

Visual Advocacy is a key element to every trial lawyer’s case. P&A’s consultants have been creating, designing, and building demonstrative graphics and animation since 1993 and continue to do so for clients all over the country. The strategy of what to display is just as important, if not more so, than building the graphics.

The intended use and the desired effect of a powerful demonstrative or 3-D animation are more important than the technology behind it. Taking complex, sophisticated events and narrowing it down to an understandable level for a layman jury is a skill we have developed and demonstrated time and time again.

There are many levels of trial consulting, from the strategies of preparing and presenting a compelling opening statement to designing the courtroom equipment layout.

Many years in courtrooms and war rooms have prepared PIGANELLI & ASSOCIATES to be unique in the ability to provide expert advise at every level. Don’t you want that depth of experience on your team?

eDiscovery in litigation is rapidly rising as common place in litigation. Approximately 87% of all business communication is done via e-mail. What was once a 10,000 document case is now 800,000 e-mails, attachments and electronic documents. How will you handle the future of litigation case content?

Piganelli & Associates can clear the confusion and confidently guide you through the process from start to finish. From Forensic collection, to processing your ESI, review, production and case management, our experts have been down the road.

When collecting your client’s data, it is important that careful steps be taken to ensure that the electronic data (e-mails or files) are not corrupted or spoiled in the collection process and the data collection are defensible. To ensure that the data is not changed or disturbed, a forensically sound image should be done.

P&A can assist you in collecting data forensically, determining the proper way to collect your client’s data and files, coordinate that process, plus assist you with an efficient method to review the data and prepare for production.

P&A has been training legal professionals since 1993 and brings a wealth of experience to the training classroom. Training should be more than just “point and click” mechanics of the software.

Applying real world situations to the software as you learn from experienced veterans is what separates P&A training from others.

Whether faced with a box of documents, a storage building full of files, or a room full of computers, processing those documents and electronic files in litigation and preparing them for discovery needs to follow defined methods.

PIGANELLI & ASSOCIATES helps clients develop and maneuver through the appropriate steps and find the best solutions for comprehensive case management. Would our many years of experience be useful to help you manage your case(s)?.

“PIGANELLI & ASSOCIATES assisted my staff, our experts and our co-counsel in a very large SEC case involving over 1 million documents, 16 million pages, a TeraByte of data, with over 400 giga bytes of eDiscovery. Their expertise was invaluable in migrating over 1 Terabyte to a suitable web based repository. Their team was very responsive and helpful throughout a very difficult time”